OK people, seriously everyone needs to get a grip. This wasn’t a class assignment where you got a “D” and it’s all because the teacher just doesn’t like you, so now you get to go running home to mommy bawling about how it’s not fair and throwing a tantrum until you get your way. No, this is just a bit more serious than that. It was a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!!!!

And you lost. Period. Suck it up, buttercup. And it’s really all your own fault.

I didn’t even vote for Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson. I’m not going to spend the next 8 years of my life whining like a bitch about it. And yes, I said 8 years. Not 4, because I really believe that this man, elected by a “bucket of deplorable’s” as so eloquently labeled by the corrupt, criminal that was so sure she’d win she never bothered to draft a real concession speech, will really make America Great Again. All you have to do is watch his acceptance speech:

And then watch his first official transition team video from the official YouTube channel outlining his first 100 days here:

And if you didn’t even vote in the first place, like many news reports claimed (A third of protestors didn’t even vote? – What the fuck is that all about?) then you need to just shut up and get on with your life. A more constructive use of your time would be to pay attention to what the newly elected president is planning to do to fix this incredibly corrupt and broken system that we’ve been saddled with. All the pissing and moaning everybody’s been doing about the economy, the loss of the American Middle Class, the loss of the American Dream, Jobs going overseas, our disenfranchised inner cities, is about to be addressed on day one when the newly elected President of the United States takes office.

Millions of new jobs and tax cuts are coming your way. So stop crying about the horse that lost. It was a hobbled, broken, old, phony and it would have been a disaster for this country had she won. And next time, take Jonathan Pie‘s advice and use your energy constructively, not destructively.

Here’s to hope and optimism for a new and prosperous future for all Americans: Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Green Party alike.